Fresh Awards 2023 - Greengrocer Awards

Greengrocer of the Year


The Whole Fruit and Grocery Store

The Whole Fruit and Grocery Store, based out of Sylvania Southgate, has been run by owner Daphne Raiti and her strong management team for nearly five years. The business started as an opportunity to take a run-down shop and bring it back to life as a quality fruit and veg store with a continental deli and groceries.

It was a challenge but a rewarding experience, with The Whole Fruit and Grocery Store building an amazing team, loyal customers and learning a lot along the way. Their goal is to provide customers with a quality product at a great price. They are proud to have stuck to that over the years and their customers recognise this.

Retail Presentation


LoSurdo's Fresh Food Grocer, North Sydney

LoSurdo’s is a family owned and run premium fresh food grocer spanning two generations. It was first established in Sydney's Double Bay in 1957 by Domenic LoSurdo and later partnered with his son Robert. Throughout their history, they have serviced many prominent fine food lovers such as the Packers, Leo Schofield, John Laws, Baroness Boyd and Lady Fairfax.

LoSurdo’s offers a range of services to their customers such as: weekly boxes and subscriptions, entertainment platters, deli products, cheese and dairy products, baked breads, flowers, gift baskets and frozen goods.

With their long-standing relationships with local specialised growers and their generational business, LoSurdo’s provides nothing but the best to their customers.

Knowledge In Action


Bulli Greengrocer, Bulli

With more than 50 years’ experience between them, Bulli Greengrocer owners John Minnes and Resham Kandel are veterans of the fresh produce industry. Taking over the business about 12 months ago, the pair cheerfully offer the Illawarra community a wide range of the freshest fruit, vegetables, ready-to-go meals and much more alongside their expert staff.

Service Excellence


Minchinbury Fruit Market

Located on the Great Western Highway, Minchinbury Fruit Market is a fabulous place to shop for fresh fruit and vegetables - but a whole lot more can be discovered in this big green shed. The interior of the store is bright, clean and there are four extra-long aisles that stretch the length of the store, filled with an impressive range of quality fruit and vegetables.

Minchinbury Fruit Market also offers a large selection of perishable goods, a plethora of delicious delicatessen lines, milks, cheeses, gourmet groceries and an in-house butcher.

Best Small Business


QE Foodstores, Randwick

QE Foodstores are an independent Australian family-owned business dedicated to giving customers a quality shopping experience at 11 stores across Sydney, including Randwick. The customer is at the heart of everything QE Foodstores does – every day.

They make it easy to purchase quality food and groceries locally. The QE Foodstores story began in July 2002, after founder Narinder Singh moved from New Zealand to Australia with a dream of setting up a business for his family. QE Foodstores is proud to have developed and nurtured thousands of loyal customers who continue to choose their brand and inspire the team to do better every day.

Best Medium Business


Sutherland Best Fresh, Sutherland

Sutherland Best Fresh is a newly managed family-owned and operated business led by Jason, Tony, and Samir. With over 25 years experience in the fruit and vegetable industry, they seek to obtain the highest quality produce at competitive prices.

The pricing is fair, the quality is exceptional and the staff are extremely friendly. Sutherland Best Fresh implements the most simplest customer service rule: always greet your customers with a smile, be courteous, and say thank you.

Best Large Business


The Grocery Store

With a family tradition of supplying quality fresh produce and groceries, Charlie Evripidou and his sons Alex and Nick are the driving force behind The Grocery Store. Alongside their skilled staff, the Evripidou family provides a one-stop shopping experience in Sydney’s Shire district. They pride themselves on offering the freshest and most comprehensive range of fruit and vegetables their customers will taste, sourced every morning from Sydney Markets.

The Grocery Store also has Italian-style ready-to-go deli items; top-quality meats, cheese and antipasto; a huge selection of continental groceries, dairy and nuts; and a food kiosk which serves breakfast, lunch, juice and coffee.

2023 Fresh Awards Winners