“Greengrocer of the year, wow, I feel very proud and humbled, it’s taken a while, but it’s worth the pain. I honestly believe this is the best tool our industry has to build a better business.

You always have rose-coloured glasses when you see your own effort. To see my stores through someone else’s eyes is priceless.

My staff have already set their sights on winning again next year.

The recognition we have received since winning this award has also been priceless, it’s the sort of publicity you can’t buy, it’s not like buying a TV add. People I’ve never met come up and congratulate you, I always ask how did you hear and everyone has a different answer.

I would definitely tell any retailer to take any criticism on board and put it to work for you not against you.”

Ken Irvine
Ziggy’s Fresh Fyshwick
2016 Greengrocer of the Year