"If for no other reason than to receive the valuable, constructive and independent feedback that comes with being a part of the Fresh Awards it's well worth being involved.

You receive information that encourages you to work on your business to improve and develop it. But more than that there's opportunity to win CASH, advertising and promotional prizes across a number of different award categories. As well as this, winning the Florist of the Year award has been invaluable for the editorial opportunities that it has opened up and for the goodwill generated amongst our fabulous team of florists and wonderful customers - both old and new.

We love the Fresh Awards!"

Jodie McGregor
Jodie McGregor Flowers
2016 Florist of the Year

“Greengrocer of the year, wow, I feel very proud and humbled, it’s taken a while, but it’s worth the pain. I honestly believe this is the best tool our industry has to build a better business.

You always have rose-coloured glasses when you see your own effort. To see my stores through someone else’s eyes is priceless.

My staff have already set their sights on winning again next year.

The recognition we have received since winning this award has also been priceless, it’s the sort of publicity you can’t buy, it’s not like buying a TV add. People I’ve never met come up and congratulate you, I always ask how did you hear and everyone has a different answer.

I would definitely tell any retailer to take any criticism on board and put it to work for you not against you.”

Ken Irvine
Ziggy’s Fresh Fyshwick
2016 Greengrocer of the Year

“As a business the Fresh Awards have been very rewarding to us.

It is a great initiative from Sydney Markets to initiate the Fresh Awards and I think provides a sense of achievement to participate in and make the finals for all involved.

The benefits are numerous winning Flower Grower of the Year. It was very surprising to see how fast social media works. Within minutes of winning we were receiving text and Instagram messages congratulating us. We have new customers putting in orders and more people visiting our stands in the Flower Market.

The recognition from industry peers has been one of the best parts. After growing flowers for over 35 years it is very humbling to get their praise.

We are sure after winning the Sydney Markets Flower Grower of the Year award our company has gained a lot of promotion from within the industry and the community.

We look forward to participating again next year.”

Sam & Phil Dominello
S&P Dominello
2016 Flower Grower of the Year

"Since winning the 2016 Greengrocer award for Service Excellence the publicity, comments and congratulations from our local community has been astounding. The recognition via social media and local papers has definitely helped our business, staff morale and put a general "spring in our step".

During the selection process we also found the mystery shopping reports to be a valuable tool for our business and we have made many changes along the way as a result including introduction of recipe cards, shop ticketing and displays.

With regards to the Fresh Awards night itself... what a great way to recognise and celebrate those that are at the top of the industry as well as a great networking night filled with great food, wine and entertainment. All up, well done to Sydney Markets for implementing a great program.

Brett & Susan Feld
Farmer Feld’s Fresh Produce
Winner 2016 Service Excellence Award